Blueberry Jam made by The Dutch Kettle

North Carolina Homestyle Jams & Jellies

The Dutch Kettle manufactures Homestyle jams, jellies and specialty products. We take great pride in the quality and attention that our professionals put into every batch of product. The Dutch Kettle has something for everyone; crisp, tart, rich, sweet or smooth in many flavor options. Our traditional jams and jellies will take you back to those sweet summer memories, and will be a part of new memories to treasure.

The Dutch Kettle also features items from The Relish Barn, Pure Mountain Honey, and features other Specialty Items. Our goal is to give our customers the best product options possible. We are sure there is something for everyone in these product lines. With options like crisp relish, hot salsa, sweet honey and bold sauces; you are bound to make your next meal a memorable one. Perfect for holding on to that distinct summer flavor year round!

Whether you are looking for a favorite item, or if you are looking for something
new to try; we have something for you. The Dutch Kettle welcomes you to look
through our full product list. We look forward to hearing from you!